4 Detail Services

Any Household / Business Vehicle

2 Complete Services

2 Basic Services

Discounted Rates

*most car models

Every Other


6 Detailing Services

Any Household / Business Vehicle

3 Complete Services

3 Basic Services

Discounted Rates

*most car models



12 Detailing Services

Any Household / Business Vehicle

4 Complete Services

8 Basic Services

Best Value

*most car models


Frequently Asked Questions:


What services are included in a “Complete” detail?

A complete service includes a full interior and exterior detail. Our full interior service includes: a thorough vacuum, carpet/upholstery/floor mat extraction, interior panels cleaned/conditioned, windows inside/out, door jambs wiped down. Our full exterior service includes: hand wash/towel dry, bug/tar removal, the paint is cleaned of surface contaminants, a protective sealant is applied, wheels are cleaned/dressed.

What does a “Basic” service include?

A basic detailing service includes the following services: hand wash & towel dry, a thorough vacuum, interior surface wipe down, cup holders cleaned, windows in and out, tire shine, and a mist of new car scent.

Does a maintenance plan apply to more than one vehicle?

Yes. Any vehicle within the same household can be serviced. We just ask that you show us a copy of your vehicle’s registration to verify your address.

Are the prices listed for most cars the same for a truck or SUV?

No. Large trucks and SUVs require more time to complete a service therefore pricing is slightly higher. If you have a large truck or SUV, please call us for a quote.

Do these vehicle maintenance plans expire after a specified period of time?

There is no expiration on a detailing plan. You have the ability to utilize our service plans at your own pace. Just because you are on the “monthly plan” doesn’t mean you are required to come in every month. These plans are paid up front to give you a specific number of services at a significantly discounted price to use whenever you decide.

Can I purchase a maintenance plan for my business vehicles?

Yes. A business owner may purchase any of our plans for his/her vehicles. We just ask that you provide us with a copy of each of your vehicle registrations if you intend to have more than one vehicle serviced on a specific plan.

I am a licensed dealer. Can I purchase a vehicle maintenance plan?

You may only purchase a plan for your personal vehicles. Otherwise, you may call us anytime to discuss your needs. We work with many local dealers.

Can I purchase more than 12 services at a discounted rate?

Yes. We can put together a custom package for you. Please call to discuss your needs.